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Get the full flavour experience in our set of 4.

This Set is for those who are looking to get really nerdy about chocolate. It’s another level entirely – for us it’s the best and most exciting thing happening in the world of chocolate.


CC/104 Box:

In this box you can store everything you need for your own chocolate factory. It is beautifully designed and has space for the CC/104 mold and up to 4 chocolates.

CC/104 Mold:

This set includes 1 chocolate mold and is all you need to make the most vibrant chocolates in no time. 

The mold is not dishwasher safe and must be washed by hand!

schokolade-cc104-nobelhart-und-schmutzig_0294 - Kopie.jpg

4 x Untempered Chocolate:

Get the full flavour experience in our set of 4:
//1 - The Classic
//2 - The Fruity

//3 - The Fine

//4 - The Crazy


All ingredients are certified organic and sourced through direct/fair trade supporting sustainability projects in local communities.

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