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Well, every Batman needs his Robin and for good reason. The CC/104 - mold is THE tool for making Untempered Chocolate. It looks simple, but it is perfectly designed to make every step of the process as easy, fast and clean as possible.
So you can relax and enjoy making it like grinding your coffee in the morning.


The most important feature of our mold is the ease of filling and releasing the chocolate from the mold. For this we have chosen a special material, which on the one hand is light and flexible and at the same time can be used again and again.

Since Untempered Chocolate reacts strongly to temperature and body heat, we have divided our mold into 12 individual pieces instead of one large bar. This keeps your fingers clean while eating and the chocolate does not melt.


The individual pieces can be conveniently stored in a closed container in the freezer and removed individually from your storage box at any time.

The mold isn’t dishwaser-safe and needs to be washed by hand!

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